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God's House
Privacy Wars
Soft Target
Raven's Run
Raven's Redemption (soon)
"If you like Thrillers and love America, please check mine out."

"A smart new novel for a thinking audience."

US Review of Books

"John writes big books with a lot happening."

William Kenower, Editor-in-Chief, Author Magazine

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God's House

With his hopeless mission to Nigeria falling apart, CIA agent Jack Donner disobeys orders to protect an American businessman. After his charge is killed, Jack brings his body home as he promised.

When he meets the widow, Anne Davis, at the funeral, she demands to know the circumstances of her husband’s death and who killed him. Leaving Anne to grieve, Jack goes to Langley to face charges. Worlds apart, they do their best to move on.

But sinister forces will not leave the two of them at peace. To survive, Jack and Anne must work together, solve his friend’s murder, and uncover secrets that powerful people want to keep buried.

Intense and realistic, with high concepts and sympathetic characters, God’s House is frighteningly possible.

Review of God's HouseGod's House Cover
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Privacy Wars

Three National Awards. The topic is real. Big Brother and others are watching. 

Thrillers are fiction . . . until it happens.

Buy the book2012 USA Best Book Awards Finalist

 Eric Hoffer Award Finalist

Montaigne Medal Finalist

The novel that predicted the NSA and IRS scandals

 Privacy Wars: A Cybertech ThrillerPrivacy Wars wins Finalist

The 21st Century sees a return of the totalitarian horrors that once caused genocide and World War. Big Brother is ascendant, aided by technology. Everyone is watched. Liberty has been traded for safety and both are lost. Personal privacy has been stolen and must be recovered.

Young scientist WILLIAM GILES fights for freedom. He and his dad, IRON JOHN, a retired Special Ops Colonel, establish Cybertech. It sells security protection for private citizens.

When John is abducted and presumed dead, Cybertech is attacked from all sides. Will stands alone, tortured by remorse and falsely accused. With all he loves at risk, he runs for safety, fleeing wrongful charges, and relentlessly pursued by UN paramilitary forces.

A former student REBECCA RIDER is sent to get him to shelter. She rescues him in the high mountains. Their main allies are the Yakuza and her friends, an ancient cult that possesses advanced science. Both groups seek Cybertech’s technology. How can either be trusted?

Can Will find redemption? Can he and Becky save Cybertech and prevent his technology from being stolen? Can liberty survive? That’s the story, a Hero’s Journey framed against a background of exotic locations, edgy science, societal challenges, and Global Governance.

US Review of BooksPrivacy Wars
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Privacy Wars, Eric Hoffer Finalist Privacy Wars, Montigne Medal Finalist
John doing a book signing

Buy the bookEric Hoffer Award Finalist

Fiction as REAL as Benghazi and Extortion 17.

Soft Target: A Cybertech Thriller

Soft Target wins Major National AwardThe 21st Century started off dangerous and got worse. America is working its way back, wounded, but recovering and rebuilding. Exceptionalism is a memory, but embers glow in the darkness. Hope is alive.

A maverick scientist, GERRY PATTON, works alone behind tight security. Her wild card project could ensure government survival if Washington was destroyed, but it’s being sabotaged.

MIKE MICKELSON (“Twenty Mike”), a Marine, was gravely wounded when his command post in Yemen was overrun. Now unfit for combat, he’s assigned to help Gerry.

Unknown enemies are watching. A bioweapons attack is planned, a coup orchestrated by officials in our own government. Gerry’s program could hamper their plans. Why take a chance? She’s a Soft Target.

Can Mike save Gerry? Can she help him heal? Can they prevent a paralyzing WMD attack?

Thrillers are fiction . . . until it happens.

Review of Soft TargetSoft Target Cover Chanticleer Review Raven's Run
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Buy the bookRavens Run: A Cybertech Thriller

A patriotic rogue agent, RAVEN, is saved by JOSIE, a gentle woman with mystic powers. When he is terminated with prejudice by the government, they must work together to rediscover censored history, expose high treason, solve two historic assassinations, and prevent an apocalyptic attack that would destroy America.

The backstory features some of the most interesting and notable American history that you've never heard. Best-selling author Anne Hillerman said, "Raven's Run serves up a giant helping of fascinating history along with memorable characters and hair-raising suspense. Bravo."

My fourth Thriller introduces two major new characters, RAVEN and JOSIE. It features a post-nuclear Iran and a young, naïve, John Black (the male lead in God’s House), along with a high-concept clandestine project of President Kennedy's: A secret Kennedy initiative that doubled-down on his program to put man on the moon and demonstrate American exceptionalism and power during the dangerous time of the Cold War and Cuban Missile Crisis.

Raven's Run contains a mix of fiction, true history, and undiscussed threats that pose a clear and present danger to America. It will be followed next year by a sequel, Raven’s Redemption.

Thrillers are fiction until it happens. And continues. And continues.

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